When an ancient sword is stolen from Cecily's treasury, Princess Ibis steps in and vows to retrieve it. She ventures out with the aid of loyal soldier Xanth and the prodigy Diviner Lasalle.

Captain Ibis Caeruleus
Princess and heir-apparent to the throne of Cecily. Determined to prove herself worthy of the crown, she volunteers to catch the theif and bring back what was stolen.
Personal guard and confidante of Ibis. She is constantly at Ibis' side ready to protect and assist her.
A Diviner and prodigy at the Tower of Starlight. She's known for both her knowledge of the sacred Foundation and her disdain of everyone around her.
A soldier of the Cecilian army and family man. Xanth works hard to provide for his wife and daughter and holds them above everything else.
Mysterious thief who stole the sword.